Benicia Artist
Mike Kendall


Artist Resume

Born: 1947. Tonasket, Washington.
Education: Brooks Institute of Fine Art. Santa Barbara, Calif. 1969-1971
Current Studio Address: 933 Jackson st. Benicia, Calif. 94510


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1995 PRIMAL IMAGE. Benicia Art Gallery. Benicia, Calif. Sculpture.

1996 VIDEO SCULPTURE INSTALLATION. The Luggage Store Gallery. 1000 Market St. San Francisco, CA. Video, Sculpture, Painting.

2000 TERMINAL CURIOSITY. The Fetterly Gallery. Vallejo, CA. Video, Sculpture, Painting.

2001 TOURETTES WITHOUT REGRETS. Arts Benicia Gallery Annex. Benicia, CA. Sculpture, Painting.

2001 NEW SCULPTURE. Benicia Art Gallery. Benicia, CA. Sculpture.

2001 WASTELAND. Sanitary Fill Artist Residency Exhibit. San Francisco, CA. Sculpture, Painting,. Mixed Media.

2001 - 2002 REVOLVING CORP. EXHIBITION. San Francisco Dept. of the Environment.

2002 Sanitary Fill Company, Norcal Waste Systems. Golden Gate Disposal, Independent Media Institute. Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media.

2002 Kwan Henmi Architecture Firm Inc. San Francisco, CA. Sculpture, Painting..

2008 W hotel Lobby San Francisco, CA. Sculpture.

2010 REDUX A MUNDO Benicia public Library Gallery. Sculpture, Painting.

2013   Contemplative Musings Jordan Real Estate. Benicia, CA. Sculpture, Painting

2013   Contemplative Musings Revisited Jordan Real Estate. Benicia, CA. Sculpture, Painting

2014  Creative Reuse ( Re-purpose wiith a purpose)
Benicia public Library Gallery. Sculpture, Painting.

2017 Front Window Exhibit, Morgan Stanley offices.  Curated by Carol Burnett. San Francisco, CA. Mixed Media and Jewelry
2017  Mike Kendall's "Off the Wall " a mini retrospective  Arts Benicia gallery. Benicia, CA. Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media and Audio/Video


1992 ANIMALS ONLY. Gallery Concord. Concord, CA. Painting.

1992 NEW BENICIA ARTISTS. City Hall. Benicia, CA. Painting.

1992 RED DOOR STUDIO SHOW. Benicia, CA. Painting, Sculpture.

1992 AFTER COLUMBUS. City Hall. Benicia, Ca. Painting.

1993 OPENING SHOW, KENDALL, MORACE. Arts Benicia Center Gallery. Benicia, CA. Painting, Sculpture.

1995 OF METAL AND GLASS. Benicia Art Gallery. Benicia, CA. Sculpture.

1996 POSTWASTE. Arts Benicia Center Gallery. Benicia, CA. Video,Sculpture.

1996 EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE The Luggage Store Gallery. San Francisco, CA. Sculpture.

1997 VIRGIN MARY Hearst Art Gallery. Saint Mary's Collage. Moraga, CA. Video-Sculpture.

1997 INTERNATIONAL EARART EXHIBIT OF SOUND ART. 1070 Gallery. Chico, CA. Audio-Video.

1998 GROUP SHOW (4 SCULPTORS) Epperson Gallery Crockett, CA. Sculpture.

1999 WHAT IS ART FOR. Oakland Museum Of Art. Oakland, CA. Sculpture

1999 Web99. Moscone Center. San Francisco, CA. Video-Sculpture.

1999 Fire Arts Festival. The Crucible. Berkeley, CA. Video-Sculpture.

2000 Fire Arts Feast. The Crucible. Berkeley, CA. Sculpture.

2000 Form And Space. Arts Benicia Center Gallery. Benicia, CA. Sculpture.

2001 Bay Area Art IV. Napa Collage Gallery. Napa, CA. Sculpture

2002 Art In The Chamber San Francisco Chamber of Commerce SF. CA. Sculpture.

2002 POST CARDS FROM THE EDGE. Visual AIDS Benefit. New York. Drawing.

2002 Vallejo Artist's Guild Invitational. Fetterly Gallery. Vallejo, CA. Sculpture.

2003 STRENGTH IN FORM. Vallejo Artists' Guild Galley. Vallejo, CA. Sculpture and Paintings.

2003 ALL IN THE FAMILY 2. Off The Preserve Gallery. Napa, CA. Sculpture.

2003 MAPS TO ABSTRACTION. Fairfield Center For Creative Arts Gallery. Fairfield, CA. Sculpture.

2004 MIKE AND BETTY COLLABERATION. Epperson Gallery Crockett, CA. Sculpture.

2005 Group Show Gallerie Shokat. Oakland, CA. Sculpture.

2005 Artworksf Group show. San Francisco, CA. Sculpture.

2005 The Limbs Show Gallerie Shokat. Oakland, CA. Sculpture.

2005  Eye Of The Beholder SOMARTS Gallery. San Francisco, CA. Sculpture.

2005 Circles, Cylinders, Spheres Gallerie Shokat. Oakland, CA. Sculpture and Paintings.

2006 Best of Show Artworksf Gallery Opening San Francisco, CA. Sculpture.

2006 Metal Works Mike Kendall and Samuel Gill Lynn House Gallery Antioch, CA. Sculpture.

2008 The Amalgamists. Dorothy Herger Gallery. Fairfield, Ca. Sculpture.

2009 Group exhibition, 50 California St. Norcal s new corporate office headquarters San Francisco CA. Sculpture.

2009 Group exhibition, Corporate lobby, 50 Fremont St. San Francisco CA. Sculpture.

2009 Group showing Benicia Mayors office. Benicia CA. Sculpture.

2010 ART OF A COMMUNITY!! Arts Benicia Center Gallery. Benicia, CA. Sculpture.

2010 Crucible's Cathedral Gallery. Closing Show Oakland CA. Sculptures.

2011 SF Film Festival at the Bentley Reserve. S.F. CA. Sculpture.

2011 ART OF A COMMUNITY!! Arts Benicia. Benicia, CA. Sculpture.

2011 Founders Exhibit. Gallery 621 Benicia CA. Sculpture.

2012 From The Arsenal And Beyound. Gallery 621 Benicia CA. Sculpture.

2012  AB 25 / Collective Memories . Arts Benicia  Gallery. Sculpture.

2012 Group exhibition. Hawthorne Plaza building lobby San Francisco CA. Sculpture.

2012  Abstraction Temporary Contemporary Gallery Sacremento CA. Sculpture.

2012  CRRA (California Resource Recovery Association) conference at the Oakland Convention Center/Oakland Marriot.

2013  Layers  Transmission Gallery Oakland CA. Sculpture, Painting.

2013  Collage Etc.  Gallery 21TEN  Sacramento, CA. Mixed Media Sculpture.

2013  Space  Gallery Quercus Oakland, CA. Mixed Media/Video Sculpture.

2013  " Coming Home: Artists Of Solano County" 
Solano Community College. Mixed Media.

2013 " Friends For The Holidays" Gallery 621.  Benicia CA. Mixed Media.
2014 "Human Voice II
" Temporary Contemporary Gallery Sacremento CA Mixed Media.

2014 Altered Landscapes  Arts Benicia Gallery Benicia CA. Juror: Phil Linhares. Sculpture.

2015  MAKE ART, NOT LANDFILL  China Brotsky Gallery |The Presidio S.F. CA. Sculpture.

2015 Grand Opening Exhibit Gallerie Renee Marie Benicia CA. Sculpture.

2015  " Abstract: a Change in Perception" Curator  Robert-Jean Ray .  Red Dot Gallery.   Sacremento CA Mixed Media

2015  "Why Make Art: Twenty-five Benicia Artists Respond"  Arts Benicia Gallery. Benicia CA. Mixed Media Sculpture.

2015 "Variations on Abstraction: 2010-2014" Curator  Robert-Jean Ray Transmission Gallery Oakland CA. Sculpture

2015 "Featured Artist"  Gallerie Renee Marie.  Benicia CA. Sculpture, Mixed Media

2015 "Heartafacts" Trunk Show. Red Door Studio. Benicia CA. Jewelry, Mixed Media

2015 Unvailing of 
" Wind, Water, Land" City of Benicia, Pubic Art Collaborative Sculpture

 “Architecture and the City” American Institute of Architecture, San Francisco CA. Sculpture

2016 " The Art of the Toy"  Juror Tony Natsoulas. Arts Benicia gallery, Benicia CA. Sculpture

2017 "
ART OF A COMMUNITY " Arts Benicia gallery. Benicia, CA. Acrylic Painting


1992-1993 DISCOVERY AWARDS. Art of California Magazine.

NorCal Artist Residency. Sanitary Fill, San Francisco, CA. July 2001.

Artists In Schools Grant. Arts Benicia, Benicia CA. March, 2001.

Artists In Schools Grant. Arts Benicia, Benicia CA. March, 2002.


Anomaly Inc. North Carolina. Painting, Sculpture.

509 Cultural Center. San Francisco CA. Sculpture.

Mr. William T. Wiley. Woodacre, CA. Sculpture.

Manuel Neri. Benicia CA. Sculpture.

Joseph Mele. Benicia CA. Video + mixed media Sculptures.

Kathryn Young. Benicia CA. Sculpture.

Mr. Rene di Rosa. di Rosa Art and Nature Preserve Napa CA.
Mixed Media Video Sculpture, Steel Viewing Chair, Audio/Video.

NorCal Corp. Sculpture, Painting.

Sanitary Fill Sculpture Garden. Steel Sculpture.

Mrs. Kit Lee. Benicia CA. Sculpture and Painting.

Ms. Celeste Smeland. Vallejo CA. Sculpture.

Best-Keeble Collection Lafayette CA. Sculpture.

State Of Texas. Colorado County Texas. Public Art Sculptures.

Sheldon Donig. Los Angeles Ca. Video + mixed media Sculptures.

John and Marty Jonas. Benicia CA. Stone and steel sculptures.

Phil Spielman. Benicia CA. Sculptures.

Renee Marie Jordan Benicia CA. Painting, Mixed Media.

Marla Sanders. East Alton IL.  Painting, Sculpture.

City of Benicia, Pubic Art " Wind, Water, Land"
Collaborative Sculpture


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