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Benicia Artist's Networking Group

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Bang! is a FREE Artist to Artist networking group, I started back in 1998.
My experience up to that time was the best things that came to me were through my Artist friends.
All across the board we are asked to give of ourselves and our Art, to support all manner of well meaning causes, yet there is very little that works it's way back to us in the way of support.
My idea was that as a group, we could help ourselves with the exchange of information in the form of contacts, self promotion, materials, studio space and more.

Bang! has remained free all these years.
Be sure to check out the Artist Resourse links at the top of the Bang! List page, I will be adding to them as I find new and useful info.

 How to post to Bang!
(How to write an Art event press release information)

Posting to Bang! isn't too hard, all it requires is a text based message of your desired Art related posting in the body of an email. I'm still not taking photos or attachments but will use links to sites containing themThe email is then sent to mikekendall703@gmail.com

Please double check dates and time and be sure to include all relevent information like addresses and contacts

I will do some editing and the list now being online will cut down on the re-posts for wrong info.

I have made it a policy to never post political content! or advertise to generate revenue.
( Although if your a small Artist owned business, I have no problem giving you a plug from time to time)

You may contact me anytime for just about anything you can think of. I'm nearly always at my studio at 933 Jackson in Benicia or you can call me at 707 208 4976.
 My Best To You All. Mike

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